Introduction to the Vixen

20120912-092456.jpgWelcome to the blog of the Bad Vixen.

Let me introduce myself:

  • Full time Art Gallery Curator
  • Part time artist
  • Free lance model
  • Full time badass bitch


A bit of backstory? An Anaheim, California native and current Texas resident, I delight in life’s simple pleasures: fashion, cosmetics, music, sex, sushi, fitness, photography, and art. And as we all know, the best things in life are not free… Except for the sex.

I’ll start this blog off with a picture of one of my favorite little pleasures, a brand new tube of red red RED lipstick by Kate Moss, simply called “10.” At the oh-so-affordable price of just under $6 (available at Target), there’s no excuse for this not to be in your makeup arsenal!20120913-194118.jpg

This blog chronicles my journey as a model, offers beauty tips, fitness tricks, affordable fashion, miscellaneous rants, and unwarranted advice from my fast paced life and somewhat disconnected brain.

Hopefully you will find something of interest on this blog that tickles your fancy and leaves you wanting more, but if not, I don’t give a flying fcuk.

Happy reading.

-Bad Vixen

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