The best inner thigh workout (fast!)


Workout equipmentLadies (and body-conscious gentlemen), I’ve figured out the best combination of moves to get killer inner thighs, fast.

All you need is about 45 minutes three times a week, and a select few pieces of workout equipment that can be purchased for cheap, and you can have taut, toned thighs from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s how it’s done. Bear in mind that each of the following exercises should be done in sets of three or four, and for the quickest and most dramatic results, all reps should be done one right after the other, with minimal breaks in between reps (30 seconds at most).


1. Yoga ball – 50 repetitions

Yoga ball

Yoga balls can be found almost anywhere. I got mine at Ross for around $7 and it came with a pump and an instructional DVD. The reps should simply consist of placing the large yoga ball in between your inner thighs, and squeezing in short, intense bursts 50 times. Simple as that. For an added challenge, lift your hips and ass off the floor so that you’re in a bridge pose, and it will work your glutes as well. The same is true for the “Thigh Master,” but we’ll get to that later.

2. Resistance band – 25 reps per leg

Resistance band

Resistance bands are something everyone needs to have. They are super easy to use to tone up. Just like the yoga ball, you can sit in front of the TV and play with these resistance bands and it hardly feels like you’re working out until you get a nice little burn in your arms. I bought a set of three – light, medium, and heavy resistance – at Walmart for $9.

Step your right foot onto the middle of the band as you hold both ends of the band tightly in your right hand, and keep your hand centered in front of your right hipbone. Your leg should be stiff as you slowly extend your leg outwards in a controlled movement, and then slowly bring it back in to a normal “legs together” position. This does take some balance, so a regular yoga practice helps, or just use a chair or wall for balance. Complete 25 reps on one side, then switch to the left leg and repeat the exercise.
Bonus: this also helps tone the triceps, biceps and forearms. Score.

3. Leg lifts with a 10 pound free weight – 25 reps per leg

WeightI purchased mine for $12 at Target. To begin, get on your hands and knees with your back straight. Place the weight in the crook of your leg at the back of your knee, keep your toes pointed towards the ceiling, and slowly raise your leg from the ground upwards, until your thigh is in a straight line with your back and ass and your leg is crooked at a 90 degree angle. Lower your leg to the floor and start again. Complete 25 reps and switch sides. Good news-this tones your calves as well!

4. Squats (no equipment required) – 25 reps

Pretty self explanatory, but in the rare case you are unfamiliar with squats, stand with your feet hip width apart and your hands behind your head – elbows out – to ensure that your back stays straight. Slowly lower yourself down until your knees are bent and you feel your muscles contract. Raise yourself back up to a standing position and give your ass muscles a tight squeeze. Repeat 25 reps.

5. Thigh Master – 50 reps
thigh masterThis bad boy is a little piece of equipment that was hugely popular in the 90s (I remember my mom and all her friends had ’em), but it works wonders! I just searched “thigh master” on eBay, sorted the results as ‘Price: Lowest to highest’ and found this one for just over $13. There are tons on there for around the same price.

Place this contraption between your thighs, arch up into the bridge pose I mentioned earlier, and squeeze your thighs all the way together and back out for 50 reps. You will instantly feel it in both your inner and outer thighs.

6. Yoga mat for warm up and cool down (mat optional) – 3 to 5 minutes

After three or so sets of this kind of intense lower-body action, you are going to thoroughly enjoy cooling down with some yoga postures like child’s pose, cat/cow, downward facing dog and forward fold. If yoga isn’t your thing, some simple stretches will do. I personally love this one: extend your right leg upwards. Cross your left ankle over your right leg, just above the kneecap, grab your right ankle with both hands and slowly bring your leg into your chest. You’ll feel an incredible stretch in your left thigh and ass cheek. Hold this pose for no less than 20 seconds and switch sides. Repeat as needed until you feel nice and loosened up.

You should notice some results after two weeks of implementing this workout, however, depending how heavy or thin you may be, your results could be quicker or take longer. But trust me when I say you will feel it after just one day!

A few parting words of advice: To target your midsection, perform this workout with a waist-trimmer belt that you can wrap around your middle to make you sweat off belly fat as you work out other areas. Just look for one on eBay or amazon and you can find one for around $8-$15. I also like to complete my lower body workouts with anti-cellulite cream spread over my butt and thighs followed up by a percussion massage head used on trouble areas to deeply and quickly massage away cellulite.

Tried this workout? How did it go for you? Any other lower body tips you have to offer? The Vixen wants to hear your feedback!

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