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Going without makeup


I’ve had so many photo shoots lately with so many different layers of makeup on my face, that for the past few days all I’ve wanted to do is walk around with no makeup whatsoever on to give my makeup brushes and my poor pores a break! So I tried to figure out how to look presentably bare faced, rather than like I was really giving up on life and just forgoing any sort of cosmetics.

In these images I am wearing only the following:

*Victoria’s Secret brand face primer – $12, comes in a spritzer bottle

Any drug store, $1

*Revlon Taupe brow pencil, $6

*Covergirl eyeshadow with a matte white color applied on top and bottom lids first, followed by a lightly shimmery medium brown, top and bottom lids

*E.L.F. brand (found at Target) creme eyeliner in black, $3

*Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara in blackest black, $7

I’m sure any number of similar products would work, but the point is that most of the focus is on my eyes, and three days in to my no base makeup routine, and my skin is feeling smooth and clear, and I’ll be primed and ready for my next shoot when it comes around!

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Gypsy soul

I just finished a fantastic Photoshoot with A Frame of Mind Visual Arts and it was an ultra bohemian experience. We gathered glass bottles, hundreds of tiny votive candles, and tons of colorful fabrics, and trekked out into a wooded location for a gypsy-esque belly dancer shoot that was loosely inspired by the character of Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

I had a blast making dreadlocks with synthetic hair extensions, and tying bits of jewelry and braiding feathers into my hair. The setting was perfect, and the photographer was very pleasant to work with. She knew just what she was looking for in every shot, which made things easy and fast. We wrapped up the entire shoot in just enough time for me to avoid being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Well… Mostly.

Below you can see the inspiration and the finished shots:





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Hoof shoes? I want. Badly. (NSFW)


These were the first horse hoof shoes I ever spotted, and I’ve been in love ever since.



20121019-123352.jpg I’ve heard they’re actually quite comfortable to walk in.

A simpler but interesting concept.20121019-123443.jpg

These appear to be the most translatable to everyday life.20121019-123457.jpg

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Scary, sexy shoes.


Industrial steampunk sexy.

Life has been hectic to say the least. Between moving,

work, exercise, and a fully booked modeling schedule till December, I’ve had zero time to blog.

Currently, I’m trying to find the perfect pair of shoes for an avant-garde Photoshoot I have with an Austin photographer on the 31st. I’m obsessing over horse hoof heels, but I can’t find any for sale for the life of me. Anyone know where I can get some? I’d pay almost anything for them.

Check out these bizarre and delicious shoes… Where the hell can I buy such awesomeness!?

Andy Warhol inspired?

Andy Warhol inspired?




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