Going without makeup


I’ve had so many photo shoots lately with so many different layers of makeup on my face, that for the past few days all I’ve wanted to do is walk around with no makeup whatsoever on to give my makeup brushes and my poor pores a break! So I tried to figure out how to look presentably bare faced, rather than like I was really giving up on life and just forgoing any sort of cosmetics.

In these images I am wearing only the following:

*Victoria’s Secret brand face primer – $12, comes in a spritzer bottle

Any drug store, $1

*Revlon Taupe brow pencil, $6

*Covergirl eyeshadow with a matte white color applied on top and bottom lids first, followed by a lightly shimmery medium brown, top and bottom lids

*E.L.F. brand (found at Target) creme eyeliner in black, $3

*Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara in blackest black, $7

I’m sure any number of similar products would work, but the point is that most of the focus is on my eyes, and three days in to my no base makeup routine, and my skin is feeling smooth and clear, and I’ll be primed and ready for my next shoot when it comes around!

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