Hidden gem: ‘Cream and Coffee’ of Palestine, TX

The other day I was on my way to a shoot in Palestine, Texas, which everyone who’s heard of it (hint: not many) knows that it’s a little shit hole town in East Texas with a low population and an even lower collective IQ. That’s why I was thrilled to stumble across this hidden jewel: a streamlined drive through coffee stand simply called, “Cream & Coffee.”

I was in dire need of coffee so I told my escort who was accompanying me to my shoot to hit the brakes and I’d treat him and I both to a cup. We each tried a lattè–mine with just a splash of vanilla–and less than $5 dollars and 5 minutes later, we were sipping on a delicious brew that we both raved about. They even topped the mouth of the lid with a dab of whipped cream and a single chocolate covered coffee bean. It was surprisingly tasty, and dare I say chic?

Anyway, if you ever have the misfortune of coming across Palestine, TX, do yourself a favor and stop at this little coffee shack. It might make your trip worth it.


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