Victoria’s Secret: is the secret photoshop?

I’m not one of those crazy and insecure people who claim that “models are not actually superb specimens of the feminine form, but simply by-products of photoshop and post production editing,” however, as a model, I find it important to point out to the “regular people” (not my words) that while it takes hard work and dedication to eat right, work out, and maintain a healthful lifestyle, photoshop is a tool used by photographers and models to enhance the appearance of a photo, to make an already beautiful model appear even more so, so that the resulting image is as close to perfect as possible.

This is a photo I recently ran across of three Victoria’s secret Angels at a surf side photo shoot. While these women are gorgeous and have great bodies, they absolutely do not look the way they do in the in-store VS ads:


Alessandra Ambrosio looks the closest to her runway ready self:

Though I personally think she looks stunning (thin, toned, with just enough curves to vamp up her sex appeal), the article where I found the unshopped image was bashing her for being “teenage thin.”

Adriana Lima is probably the most dramatically different model in this shot, looking several sizes larger than her edited counterpart:

Perhaps the photo of all three angels was taken in their off season? One does wonder…

Finally we come to Karolina Kurková:

I actually had a hard time hunting down doctored images of KK. This was the best I could find. You can definitely note the major difference in the above shopped image, to this “behind the scenes” snapshot:


While all three of these women are incredibly gorgeous, it is comforting to note that these supermodels do not sport the rock hard, sculpted abs that most women could only dream about. However, even Karolina and Adriana look a thousand times better strutting down the runway in their skivvies than any of us could ever hope to look.

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