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Fake it till you make it: fake eyelashes

Every model and dancer knows that no makeup routine is complete until you’ve applied the final touch: fake eyelashes. Falsies have the power to make your eyes look bigger, sexier, or more catlike depending on which pair you choose. The trick is to choose a pair that looks the most natural while still adding that extra “oomph” to your eyes. Here is the pair I swear by:


Around $3 at any drugstore.


Some occasions call for more over the top lashes like these, but that’s a topic I won’t go into now.

When applied correctly, it is nearly impossible to tell that they aren’t natural.

The secret lies within the spacing between lashes that mimics nature’s own lash pattern. Too many falsies are thick and lush, yes, but too often they are all one equal length giving them an almost rectangular look. Glamorous, but nowhere near natural.

I also recommend using a clear, brush on gel eyelash glue rather than the goopy white glue that so often comes with the lashes. My favorite is by Andrea:


Available at drug stores and runs about $6.

This formula goes on smooth, not tacky, and dries clear. Unlike the white glue, you can see the lash band through the gel, allowing you to accurately place the lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible, further enabling you to obtain as natural a look as possible.

Finally, remembering to use an eyelash curler is a plus. The steps I use for the perfect falsie application is curl lashes, apply mascara, apply false lashes, and curl lashes again. For an added bonus, blast the lash curler with a blow dryer for 4 seconds before curling; it will allow the lashes to maintain their curl longer.

Here is a picture of me wearing the above mentioned lashes:



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“What was it you said you do for a living?”

Hello readers. Image

As you may have guessed from my soul-baringly open last post, my job path has shifted from that of the girl behind the desk with an occasional modeling gig to full fledged exotic dancer.

It is a temporary position until I can replace my totaled car and pad my savings account a bit, and an option I turned to for a brief moment in time as a 21 year old looking for an escape. At the time I was in a fractured emotional state and in addition, I found it extremely hard to keep up with my 8 a.m. day job after working well into the night, but now at 23, as I make the difficult decision to go back to school, I have decided to exploit this business venture and milk it for as much money as it is worth while I can.

The shifts at the club are physically exhausting and it is emotionally challenging to talk to dozens of strangers throughout the evening, however, it is very financially rewarding and for that, it is worth the odd schedule and the tension it sometimes creates between my boyfriend and I, or the occasional disapproval of friends.

ImageI have prefaced my future posts with this new bit of information in order to explain the inevitable shift in tone that my blog will take. I will focus on the pros, the cons, the pointers and warnings of being an exotic dancer. Whether you are curious about the inner workings of a strip club, a brand new dancer looking to make some money on the side, or interested in making a career from stripping, I hope that my posts can clue you in to the good, the bad, the ugly and the glamourous points of being a stripper.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy.

-Bad Vixen xx

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