Of “corset” looks good!


This is an image taken from thelingerieaddict.com of a long time waist training junkie!

I have decided to begin corset training, hence my cheesy post title! I’ve looked pretty far into this topic and am excited to begin!

For those who don’t know, corset training or tight-lacing is the act of wearing a corset on a frequent basis for several hours per day in order to alter the waist into a smaller size, creating more of an hourglass shape. Corsets are gorgeous in and of themselves as alternatives to a tank top or cami, and quite sexy anyway. I own three of them already and as part of my beginning this new journey, I just purchased a fourth corset from eBay: a longer underbust corset with spiral steel boning in it (according to my research, that is the kind you want.)

I’m new to this process, so if anyone would like to learn more, I am posting links to websites that I felt extremely informative on debunking myths and introducing newbies like me to the world of corsetry:




This is my new corset I just ordered from FactoryDepot on eBay!

This is my new corset I just ordered from FactoryDepot on eBay!

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