Stripper to stripper: thoughts on dancing

I ran across a blog where a woman had very confident, self-assured things to say about being a full time dancer, and then later contradicted her own words when she was no longer working in the stripping industry. You can read the original post here, and then view my follow up comment below.

Image“I enjoyed reading this post, and have re-blogged it on my blog, I found that the tone of the original post differed greatly from the follow-up edit that you left “looking back” on your original post. Namely this quote: “My objections aren’t based on a desire to vilify sex workers — but I think they often have issues. It’s sad when people are victimized as children and then go on to keep reliving that trauma as adults. And I think that a lot of women who now work in the sex industry, especially in porn, were victimized as children.”

This quote doesn’t seem to have any supporting evidence to back it, and it would appear that if you really felt that way you would have posted that in the ‘cons’ column of your original post. I have been dancing for several months and did so for a time a couple of years ago as well. I have enjoyed it in it’s entirety for the positive aspects, and have “grinned and beared” the negative aspects, as I consider this a temporary job while I earn my college degree. I was never molested as a child nor did I experience any form of sexual abuse growing up, and I have been friends with strippers who have never experienced such abuse in their young years.

Your comment on your own post seems to be an abstract generalization that I feel you would not have agreed with at the point in your life in which you originally posted this. It appears to be the same type of stereotyping that the fair-weather friends you spoke of would bring up as a generic hack towards you and your job. Perhaps you feel differently about it now that you are not in that job because of some underlying shame or backlash from it? Or perhaps when you were in that position you wouldn’t admit that you felt that way about it? Either way, I don’t know the situation, nor do I judge, but I felt that the non-cohesive nature of the comments were worth mentioning. To an outsider, it reads as if two different women were editing the post.

While there are absolutely negative aspects of being a dancer– just as in any job–, there are a multitude of reasons to dance. In my case it is to make an excessive amount of money while studying to earn a degree which will land me a job where I can utilize my brain, and not my body. I consider my position as a stripper a temporary one, and I will exploit it as long as I can in order to save up for my future and provide myself the flexibility in schedule that I need to achieve my degree and pursue a universally respected profession.”

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