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Seeing red

These are some of the images that inspired me to go bright, “little mermaid” red:







And here’s my result:




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Fake it till you make it: fake eyelashes

Every model and dancer knows that no makeup routine is complete until you’ve applied the final touch: fake eyelashes. Falsies have the power to make your eyes look bigger, sexier, or more catlike depending on which pair you choose. The trick is to choose a pair that looks the most natural while still adding that extra “oomph” to your eyes. Here is the pair I swear by:


Around $3 at any drugstore.


Some occasions call for more over the top lashes like these, but that’s a topic I won’t go into now.

When applied correctly, it is nearly impossible to tell that they aren’t natural.

The secret lies within the spacing between lashes that mimics nature’s own lash pattern. Too many falsies are thick and lush, yes, but too often they are all one equal length giving them an almost rectangular look. Glamorous, but nowhere near natural.

I also recommend using a clear, brush on gel eyelash glue rather than the goopy white glue that so often comes with the lashes. My favorite is by Andrea:


Available at drug stores and runs about $6.

This formula goes on smooth, not tacky, and dries clear. Unlike the white glue, you can see the lash band through the gel, allowing you to accurately place the lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible, further enabling you to obtain as natural a look as possible.

Finally, remembering to use an eyelash curler is a plus. The steps I use for the perfect falsie application is curl lashes, apply mascara, apply false lashes, and curl lashes again. For an added bonus, blast the lash curler with a blow dryer for 4 seconds before curling; it will allow the lashes to maintain their curl longer.

Here is a picture of me wearing the above mentioned lashes:



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Oh my Ombre.

Oh my Ombre.

Prettiest dip dye/ombre effect I’ve seen for this whole trend.

That hair plus these lips. Yes.

That hair plus these lips. Yes and yes.

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Tanning: Beauty or beast?

Tanning: is it worth the risk? Weigh in!

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Pretty in purple.

I was researching eye makeup tips for purple and pink eyeshadow, and I ran across this image of a gorgeous and vibrantly purple eyeshadow, and I decided to copy it. I think the end result turned out pretty damn good, don’t you?

 Eyes 1

The reason I was inspired to check into purple eyeshadow was due to the fact that I had run across this awesome little eyeshadow eyespalette by Milani called Haute Couture and I was anxious to try the rich pink and purple tones:

While the luscious shades and clever titling reeled me in, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend buying this shadow, because the thin strips that the colors are placed in are in such close proximity to each other that it makes the application process a bitch.


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Going without makeup


I’ve had so many photo shoots lately with so many different layers of makeup on my face, that for the past few days all I’ve wanted to do is walk around with no makeup whatsoever on to give my makeup brushes and my poor pores a break! So I tried to figure out how to look presentably bare faced, rather than like I was really giving up on life and just forgoing any sort of cosmetics.

In these images I am wearing only the following:

*Victoria’s Secret brand face primer – $12, comes in a spritzer bottle

Any drug store, $1

*Revlon Taupe brow pencil, $6

*Covergirl eyeshadow with a matte white color applied on top and bottom lids first, followed by a lightly shimmery medium brown, top and bottom lids

*E.L.F. brand (found at Target) creme eyeliner in black, $3

*Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara in blackest black, $7

I’m sure any number of similar products would work, but the point is that most of the focus is on my eyes, and three days in to my no base makeup routine, and my skin is feeling smooth and clear, and I’ll be primed and ready for my next shoot when it comes around!

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Mint and gold candy coated nails


Along with coral pink and bright orange, one of 2012’s hottest colors has been and continues to be seafoam green; a beautiful shade of pale teal that straddles the line between blue and green. My favorite color is blue, and my favorite shades of blue are turquoise and seafoam, so when I saw this Revlon nail color called ‘Minted’, I had to have it to go with my Milani ‘Glitterati’ gold sparkle polish. Revlon nail color holds up really well with minimal chipping for at least a week!

A colleague of mine, a Russian twenty-something who is an architect, artist, and an enviably sharp dresser, came into my art gallery today and the first words out of her mouth when she saw my paint-job were, “Oh my gott. I luhf your nail pullish!” Score.


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Introduction to the Vixen

20120912-092456.jpgWelcome to the blog of the Bad Vixen.

Let me introduce myself:

  • Full time Art Gallery Curator
  • Part time artist
  • Free lance model
  • Full time badass bitch


A bit of backstory? An Anaheim, California native and current Texas resident, I delight in life’s simple pleasures: fashion, cosmetics, music, sex, sushi, fitness, photography, and art. And as we all know, the best things in life are not free… Except for the sex.

I’ll start this blog off with a picture of one of my favorite little pleasures, a brand new tube of red red RED lipstick by Kate Moss, simply called “10.” At the oh-so-affordable price of just under $6 (available at Target), there’s no excuse for this not to be in your makeup arsenal!20120913-194118.jpg

This blog chronicles my journey as a model, offers beauty tips, fitness tricks, affordable fashion, miscellaneous rants, and unwarranted advice from my fast paced life and somewhat disconnected brain.

Hopefully you will find something of interest on this blog that tickles your fancy and leaves you wanting more, but if not, I don’t give a flying fcuk.

Happy reading.

-Bad Vixen

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