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The Sky’s the Limit.

Brilliant post. Check it out for some sick fashion inspiration.


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Of “corset” looks good!


This is an image taken from of a long time waist training junkie!

I have decided to begin corset training, hence my cheesy post title! I’ve looked pretty far into this topic and am excited to begin!

For those who don’t know, corset training or tight-lacing is the act of wearing a corset on a frequent basis for several hours per day in order to alter the waist into a smaller size, creating more of an hourglass shape. Corsets are gorgeous in and of themselves as alternatives to a tank top or cami, and quite sexy anyway. I own three of them already and as part of my beginning this new journey, I just purchased a fourth corset from eBay: a longer underbust corset with spiral steel boning in it (according to my research, that is the kind you want.)

I’m new to this process, so if anyone would like to learn more, I am posting links to websites that I felt extremely informative on debunking myths and introducing newbies like me to the world of corsetry:

This is my new corset I just ordered from FactoryDepot on eBay!

This is my new corset I just ordered from FactoryDepot on eBay!

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Style Icon: Erin Wasson

erin-wasson-net-worth11Model, actress, fashion designer.  Erin Wasson is one badass and beautiful bitch. For the longest time I didn’t even know who she was, but I’d catch a glimpse of “that one girl” in different ads or in movies and realized that nearly everything she wears reflects my own fashion sense. She is a major style icon of mine, primarily because her taste is very well suited to my own.

While our facial structures are quite different, and I am not claiming that we look alike in any respect, I feel that we resemble each other a bit in styling and fashion choices, as well as having similar hair/skin coloring and both possessing catlike eyes. Purr.

Here is a compilation of some of my favorite images of this beauty:

Love those eyes.

Love those eyes.


I have to have that chain bra accessory and those pants.




esq-06-erin-wasson-tattoo-0612-mdn IMG_1070_1

This ombre fade is almost the exact shade of my hair right now.


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Trampled dreams

I found the hoof shoes of my dreams on eBay and someone purchased them before I even had a chance! Noooo! Curse you, ‘buy-it-now’!

Seriously, if anyone knows where I can get a pair of hoof heels, please let me know!

Trampled dreamsIMG_4747 IMG_4748

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Outfit of the week: Vintage chic for $34

I love clothes. I mean, I really really love clothes. And if I didn’t do fashion on a dime, I would never have a cent left in my bank account. I am all about getting the most for my money and I believe that second hand shops, eBay bargains, and flea market finds are the best way to create affordable outfits that are truly unique and one of a kind, so the “Outfit of the Week” section of this blog will share with my readers my latest and greatest fashion finds in hopes to inspire others to create their own looks, and also to catalogue my closet.
Submit your fashion finds and I just may feature them on my blog!

This $34 outfit brought to you by secondhand shopping.

This $34 outfit brought to you by secondhand shopping.

Vintage blazer from Buffalo Exchange - $13

Vintage blazer from Buffalo Exchange – $13

Teal bralette - $7

Teal bralette – $7

H&M Shorts also from Buffalo Exchange - $8

H&M Shorts also from Buffalo Exchange – $8

Two toned patent leather pumps - $6 - Plato's Closet

Two toned patent leather pumps – $6 – Plato’s Closet

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Robot Spider Villian Dress

This badass motion sensitive dress is something straight out of a fairy tale gone horribly, deliciously bad. And I want it desperately.

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eBay, Bebe.

So, eBay is an insanely awesome gold mine of phenomenally good deals–if you know where to look. Check out this BeBe faux fur coat with hot pink satin lining … Cute, right? You know what’s even cuter? The price tag. Read it and believe in the power of eBay: I snagged this coat for $32 … A mere fraction of it’s original price.

The secret to eBay is sorting the auction search results by “price plus shipping, lowest first,” and last minute bidding. Anyone else have any eBay tips of success stories?



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Hoof shoes? I want. Badly. (NSFW)


These were the first horse hoof shoes I ever spotted, and I’ve been in love ever since.



20121019-123352.jpg I’ve heard they’re actually quite comfortable to walk in.

A simpler but interesting concept.20121019-123443.jpg

These appear to be the most translatable to everyday life.20121019-123457.jpg

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Scary, sexy shoes.


Industrial steampunk sexy.

Life has been hectic to say the least. Between moving,

work, exercise, and a fully booked modeling schedule till December, I’ve had zero time to blog.

Currently, I’m trying to find the perfect pair of shoes for an avant-garde Photoshoot I have with an Austin photographer on the 31st. I’m obsessing over horse hoof heels, but I can’t find any for sale for the life of me. Anyone know where I can get some? I’d pay almost anything for them.

Check out these bizarre and delicious shoes… Where the hell can I buy such awesomeness!?

Andy Warhol inspired?

Andy Warhol inspired?




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