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5 Hot Cartoon Redheads

I have been watching an excessive amount of Venture Brothers lately, and my love of the character Molotov Cocktease inspired me to not only want to do a badass Cosplay of her for Halloween, but it also inspired me to make a list of my favorite cartoon redheads (in no particular order.)

#1 – Daphne


While she’s got the innocent “girl next door” vibe going on, Daphne from Scooby Doo is definitely hot. Solving mysteries and putting up with obvious lesbian Velma, dirty hippie Shaggy, and the rest of the crew in a cramped minivan shows that she must have a pretty good attitude as well, giving her even more bonus points.

Daphne Scooby Doo Vector 1-500x500


I think this is a shot from an updated series, judging by the animation.

#2 – Carmen Sandiego

carmen_sandiegoEveryone who grew up in the 90’s remembers Carmen Sandiego, the villainess responsible for committing crimes such as stealing the 7 wonders of the world and traveling back in time to change the course of history with the help of her ACME agents. I used to play the PC games for hours and hours, “solving crimes” but mostly admiring the pure badassery this redhead possessed. She is the definition of mysterious, because not only did she rarely show her face by sending scores of agents in her stead, but if you ever had the opportunity to spot her, it was only for a moment and she’d dash off with a flick of her trench coat, floppy hat pulled low over her eyes.tumblr_lsshn5zLDt1qzzktho1_500

Even images of her are hard to find without her face partially obscured.

Even images of her are hard to find without her face partially obscured.

#3 – Ariel


The Little Mermaid’s star, the rebellious Ariel, is probably responsible for the vast majority of balls dropped from the late 80’s to early 90’s. Though the morals found in this story are damaging and flawed — in order to get the man of your dreams you must radically alter your body with plastic surgery, what you have to say doesn’t really matter so long as you look pretty, if you don’t let a man get physical with you within a given time period the consequences could be dire — the Little Mermaid is the movie with the reddest redhead ever, and my personal favorite.



Ariel, you know we can pretty much see your pussy, right? Just checkin’.

#4 – Jessica Rabbit  Jessica_rabbit

This is perhaps the best known — as well as most suggestively animated — redheaded cartoon character in existence. Even to the point where her lower regions were animated and fully exposed for a brief moment in the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” she may be the singlemost sexual cartoon femme ever. Why she was made to be the wife of a goofy “hare” brained character like Roger Rabbit, I’ll never know. Or maybe I should just watch the movie again to find out. After all, I haven’t seen it in ten or so years.


Not only is she hot, but she went to the effort of wearing a garter and thigh highs under that ridiculously revealing dress, further amping up her sex appeal.


“O” face much?

#5 – Molotov Cocktease

Molotov_cockteaseSexier than Carmen Sandiego and more powerful than Jessica Rabbit, Molotov Cocktease from the Venture Brothers best combines the traits of the above cartoon females into a smoldering cartoon villainess that is hard to top. Lover of knives, trained combat fighter, and Grade A badass, this tall, statuesque Russian femme fatale doesn’t fuck around. Bitch even has knives in the heels of her stiletto boots! She wears a titanium chastity belt, really emphasizing the “Cocktease” part of her name and making her that much hotter.


I love that she doesn’t even acknowledge Rusty Venture in this scene. If her affections for Brock Samson weren’t so obvious, I’d guess that she was a lesbian or dominatrix of some sort.


Honorable Mention: Vanessa – Ursula the Sea Witch’s disguise, also from the Little Mermaid


Though not a redhead, I have to acknowledge the evil but far hotter Vanessa, who almost wrecks Ariel’s engagement. I guess I have a thing for wicked or borderline evil females. Correction, I know I do.


The movie leads you to believe Prince Eric is in a trance in this scene, but come on… we know he’s got a major hard on. Where is Hot Ursula’s other hand if not resting on his royal scepter?

What a bitch.

What a bitch.

What redheads would you add to the list? Feel free to use pictures! 

-Bad Vixen

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